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Flat Top Trailers For Sale

A Wide Range of Flat Top Trailers

The Ultimate Solution For Longer & Wider Loads

Flat top trailers provide greater ease of loading and transporting wide, and/or longer loads. All Midway flat tops have opening, or removable side panels. Again, making for easier transporting of wide panels or sheeting. 

Available in the following sizes:

12×7 Hydraulic 3 Way Tipper Flat Top
12×7 Hydraulic Tipper Flat Top
10×6 Flat Top 3,500 Kg ATM
12×7 Flat Top 3,500 Kg ATM
14×7 Flat Top 3,500 Kg ATM
16×8 Flat Top 3,500 Kg ATM

16 x 8 Flat Top Trailer from Midway Trailers, Macksville


Dual Axle Trailer Showing Axle and Chassis unerneath

Flat Top Trailer - Rear View, Midway, Macksville


Flat top trailer under carriage showing axle, wheels, springs and brakes - Midway Trailers, Macksville

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