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Tandem Trailers for sale at Macksville, NSW

8×5 Premium HD Tandem Trailer - ATM 2.0T

The HD 8 x 5 Premium, dual axle trailer version provides you all the benefits of a HD Premium trailer, with straighter driving, better shock absorption, and also better overall reliability. Together with 4 tyres, you can trust your trailer to carry your load with very little hassle! Trustworthy ladder rack bars on 3 sides offer your load tons more added stability for travelling on rough roads and surfaces.

A range of cages can be fitted to most of our trailer models. You have a choice of 600, or 900-millimetre cage heights. This is in addition to the 300mm trailer box height, allowing for secure handling of bulky loads. The sturdy cage helps to secure larger loads and assists in keeping your trailer in good condition. We can also supply a spare wheel and wheel brace as optional extras.

8x5 Tandem Dual Axle Trailer from Midway Trailers, Macksville NSW

High Strength Chassis For Greater Stability

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8x5 Tandem Trailer Chassis from Midway at Macksville

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Midway Trailers keep your laddres safe

Additional Features of Midway Trailers

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