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8x5 High Side Trailer With Cage

Midway Trailers - Customised To Your Requirements

The following images display one of our 8×5 High Side single, or tandem axle trailers fitted with a wire cage. This arrangement is useful for carrying loose items, or larger bulky loads. Cages are available in 600mm or 900mm heights. Depth of tray 425mm approximately.

This single axle trailer has a 1,400 GVM, with approximately 1 ton of carrying capacity, which is adequate for carrying medium-size and weight loads.

Single Axle Trailer With Cage, Midway Trailers, Macksville

Custom 6x4 trailer with cage sides, from Midway Trailers at Macksville

Our cage trailers can be highly customised to a wide range of sizes to suit specific requirements. The cage sections can be easily removed to fit wider, longer loads when required.

Custom 6x4 Trailer from Midway Trailers

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