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Internal Boat Storage

Boat Storage - Internal

If you don’t have space at home for your prized watercraft, or perhaps you’re planning a long holiday and would like the security of internal storage, our boat storage facility has you covered.

Undercover, Weatherproof boat storage

Sure, you could park it at home, but often boats block driveway and garage access.  Parking it on the street is risky as what doesn’t get stolen or vandalised, may be subject to ticketing via city parking police.  The local marina is another option, but they’re expensive and may require a second mortgage! 

Midway Trailers and Storage are here to help.
Whether you need short-term or long-term boat storage, we can accommodate vessels of all sizes – from your beloved dingy to the family fishing boat, at an affordable cost.

Plus, internal storage means your boat will be kept dry and free from harsh weather conditions that could damage the upholstery or other materials.  Our completely sealed shipping containers help to prevent issues with humidity and mould which is an enemy to upholstery and the interior cabin space. 

Undercover, secure caravan & trailer storage at Macksville

Just like a car, boats should be stored properly when not in use.  Even boats and kayaks that are made of tough materials like carbon fibre, Kevlar or fibreglass, can easily succumb to damage when left outdoors for an extended period.  A boat subject to the elements may mean you’re forced to spend more time and money getting it all in order for when it’s time for you to use it again.

With your boat in storage, you can have the peace of mind knowing that it is safe and secure and waiting for your next high sea getaway.  Plus, the complete protection from weathering can extend a boat’s lifespan astronomically.

With 10ft and 20ft containers available, contact us to see if our units can accommodate your needs.  Our friendly team are happy to help.

Please call Suzanne or Rob at any time, or submit your question(s) via the following Storage Booking Enquiry Form below.

Phone:  02 6568 4457

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