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Caravan Storage - Internal & Undercover

When it comes to caravan storage, it is important to make the right choice for one of your most valuable assets.  Midway offers quality storage solutions for those living in the Nambucca Region or out-of-towners wanting to store their vehicles in our sought after facility.

Undercover Caravan, Storage at Macksville, North Coast NSW

With so many holiday makers across the region looking to make the most of our pristine beaches and natural scenery, Midway provides a safe and inexpensive place to park your treasured RV.  Our caravan storage sheds are designed to suit vehicles of every shape and size at an affordable price and secure location. 

Short term and long term storage are available, keeping your caravan out of site and readily available for your next vacation.

When you store your van in our units, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe and protected from the harshness of all weather conditions.  After all, nothing dampens the mood like a dirty, wet caravan.  Keeping it under cover and out of the weather ensures you will have a nice, fresh caravan to come back to. 

Tips for Keeping Your Caravan in Tip-Top Shape When Not in Use

  1. Keep your caravan out of the weather
    Water ingress is hazardous to the well-being of your RV and can cause a lot of damage. If hail or storms cause a broken vent, AC, seals or windows, water ingress may cause unwanted and costly damage, especially if not attended to straight away.  Housing your caravan in internal storage, ensures protection against the elements and unexpected weather events.
  2. Keep the batteries topped up
    There’s nothing worse than wanting to head out on your caravan adventure only to find your batteries have died.  To avoid this, simply charge your batteries regularly so they’re good to go when you are.
  3. Park on level ground
    For appliances to function properly, they need to be level.  Fridges particularly don’t like to stay titled for extended periods and sinks and showers need to be level in order to drain effectively.  Our internal and external storage facilities are all level, so your contents will stay put and steady where they’re meant to be.
  4. Empty the water tanks
    If you’re planning on storing your caravan for an extended period of time, it is always best to empty the water tanks, so it won’t go stagnant.  At our facility, you will be able to fill your tanks with fresh water before you hit the road on your next adventure.
  5. Empty any grey or black water
    This might seem obvious, but it is always recommended that you save on any bad smells and sanitary issues by emptying your grey and black water before putting your caravan to bed or in long term storage. 

Please call Suzanne or Rob at any time, or submit your question(s) via the following Storage Booking Enquiry Form below.

Phone:  02 6568 4457

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